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Do you solve reliability problem of your electric networks, maintenance costs? We know something about that, for more than 50 years!

Our company background reaches till the 1880's when Mr. Bartelmus and Mr. Donát - Czech engineers have founded the first Czech manufacturing plant for electric machines and equipment of all kind (as stated in the foundation document). In 1927 the factory became a part of the Škoda Group in Pilsen. In 1949 the company acquired its independence and was renamed to EJF Brno. In 1966 the development departments became independent and proceeded as the "Research Institute of Electric Machines and Switchboards" till the end of 1980's. IVEP a.s. is the legal successor of the same.

So far, we have developed over 3,000 solutions for you in more than 50 countries, where we “showed energy the way”. Help us break this record and talk to us about your problems!

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