There is power in knowledge

There is power in knowledge
It's a divine feeling - to know what's going on.

We know that a train passed through the city. We know that the steel plant has completed the smelting. We know that oil production has just begun on an oil rig in the middle of a stormy sea. We also know that the Earth itself has shaken. We even know, for example, that a majestic tree fell in a snowy forest hundreds of kilometers away from human dwellings.
And now we are donating our super power to the whole world. You too could know everything you need, any time.
The magic formula is: smart devices, predictive maintenance, industry 4.0, remote control, self-diagnostics, increased reliability, cost reduction.

By the way, we also know the answer to the famous esoteric question: "If a tree falls in a forest when there is no one around, does it make sound?"
The answer is clear for us: Yes, it does BANG kinda sound. Additionally, the tree can destroy power lines. We were there. Sorta way.