Media do love us!

Media do love us!
Well, what do you know: the above average intelligent people have visited above-average good company. And they liked every minute!

Mensa is an international social organization founded in 1946 in Oxford. It is a non-profit apolitical association of above average intelligent people without distinction of race and religion.

The foundation of the organization is the multinational Mensa International. Under its supervision, individual national branches are created and operated. One of them is the Mensa Czech Republic, which was formed after the breakup of the federation from Mensa Czechoslovakia. 

Recently IVEP, a.s. was honored to have a delegation from Mensa Czech Republic and we are pleased to note that our guests enjoyed the visit. The guided tour was greatly appreciated and practical demonstrations were the highlight of the day.

We, from IVEP, a.s. can only add that we are looking forward to another visit!