Are papers just for museum?

Are papers just for museum?
Get rid of the relic of the past, remove the paper documentation! With our new service, it is always available online, accurately and comfortably.

Let us face it - who is absolutely sure he has his papers in order? Do you know for sure, let us say where is your test protocol, even after seven years of operation? And if you're proud to say, "I have no problem with that!“, can you say the same about all of your collaborators and companies who follow up on your work?

If you did not respond to the previous questions with such unwavering certainty, we have a diploma for honesty for you, but mainly the reassurance that all the documentation for your IVEP orders is OK and safe.

How does it work? In simple and reliable way. You can always return to each project using your access data and download all the documents you need. Handy, right?